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Super Car Racer

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The description of Super Car Racer

Super Cars Racer is a very exciting, realistic driving game with full of high speed and adrenaline.
Use your near passing, overtake skills to bypass other vehicles to earn points. Be careful not to crash to other cars and vehicles.

You can play against time and choose from different car models. Earn more points to unlock new car models.

- Give high speed to your car by using the gas pedal at the bottom right of the screen.
- You can change lanes by moving your mobile device left and right.
- You can slowdown your vehicle with the brake pedal at the bottom left of the screen.
- Use nitro to accelerate much faster like a rocket
- Use car horn to open your way and make the front cars leave your track

- Realistical driving by high performance of car handling.
- Exclusive, many types of vehicles.
- City, desert, night, snowy and rainy racetrack options.
- Different camera angles: Exterior overhead camera, the camera driver's seat, hood and bumper cameras.
- One-way and two-way direction options.
- Vehicle color and styling options.
- High resolution 3D graphical design.
- English, Turkish, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese language options

- The distance traveled increases your score continously.
- Passing through between two vehicles closely than a certain distance (diagonally passing) gives extra points.
- You earn extra points when you overtake other vehicles at close range
- The more you drive fastly the more you can get points (you'll get to enjoy all that much)
- By driving from the opposite lane of the two-way road, the more points you will earn.

Best of luck...

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