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★Check out XO! It is a modified version of the classic table game Gomoku (5 in a row). It is like a tic-tac-toe game but in XO you have to make 5 continuous X's or O's instead of 3 as in a classic tic-tac-toe game. XO is fun to play and is also a bit brain teasing, so beware of some mental exercise! Don't lose hope if you loose the game, work harder and you will surely win! Given below are the instructions and app features, read them for a smoother game experience!★

☆How to play -
•Start the app and click on Play or the new game button.
•Choose either X or O from the prompt and start the game.
•Try to make 5 continuously in a row or column or diagonally before your computer opponent to win the game!
•On winning the game you can capture a screenshot of your victory and share it anywhere from the app itself and brag about it! Or if you lose, you retry till you win because it is not going to be that easy!

☆App Features (Navigation) - Using the Navigation menu (P.S. the + plus icon) present below the game. View the screenshots for further details or reference!
•Click on the share icon to share XO to you anyone you want!
•Click on the camera icon to capture a screenshot of your screen or your mighty victory. You can use it to report any problems or bugs by sending the screenshot to the developer email provided down below.
•Click on the settings icon to open a prompt where you can toggle game sounds & vibration ON/OFF to save battery or according to need. Toggle zoom accessibility ON/OFF to view zoom-in and zoom-out buttons for ease in viewing and playing!
•Click on the info icon to view instructions about how to play the game, swipe right to see the help section for any problems, swipe right to view the support & feedback section where you can send in a mail if you want any assistance or suggest a feature or just give feedback on the game!

☆Play the game online at

☆Made with love and code by Shreyans Chandak©.

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