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OHVui Chess

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The description of OHVui Chess

Xiangqi (Chinese chess) is a game for two people playing on a chessboard with a lethal step.

Chess is not easy because it requires intelligence, judgment in order to win. Ban Co minister is actually a lively battlefield full army on the battlefield. Attractive, full of suspense, but also entertainment. Therefore, the game Xiangqi are increasingly numerous users Vietnam as well as popular worldwide with the name Xiangqi (Chinese Chess).

Through Xiangqi be the talented frontman to win the final. Let us help you make the climax battle flag!


1. Supports three different game modes:
- Play Online
+ Auto find players
+ Invite friends
+ See rankings and achievements
- Mode 2 players
- Play with the machine - intelligent support for 10 different levels of play
2. Align time thinking
3. The Panel is of the chess pieces move
4. The interface is pretty simple and easy to use
5. Migration Guide pieces
6. Support search optimization moves and the most intelligent while playing with the machine
7. Save the game, reset the game.
8. Show list and review previous moves
9. Show timers each time pieces are going
10. Languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese

Any questions or comments please send them to the mailbox:
Version suitable for all models Android> = 2.3, and completely FREE.
Thank you for using our products. Having fun!

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