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LINE Bubble 2 Apk

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free direct download last version of LINE Bubble 2 apk for android from BirdDL. LINE Bubble 2 is a Puzzle for android.
The explosively popular LINE BUBBLE has released Season 2 of its hot, bubble popping action! LINE BUBBLE 2 is fun for players of all ages, whenever and wherever you are!

Cony is on a journey to find her best friend, Brown. Suddenly, a big, red dragon appears out of nowhere and drags Cony into a mysterious world! Where has Cony gone? Can she find Brown?

◆ About BUBBLE 2
- It's so easy to play! Just throw bubbles!
- Cutesy and fun stages!
- More diverse and cuter bubbles than ever before!
- Challenging obstacle bubbles appear in each new episode to try and stop Cony.
- The super scary Boss is waiting for you too!

◆ How to Play
- Connect 3 or more of the same kind of bubbles to pop them.
- Get combos to earn special bombs. Keep racking up combos to earn even more powerful bombs!
- Clear the different missions that appear in each stage.

Play BUBBLE 2 with your LINE Friends!

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  • March 8, 2017
  • 1.12.0 Update
    Here's what's new update!
    - Cute but annoying obstacle bubbles and powerful boss skills added!
    - New skills added for the Buddies that are always helping you out!
    - New Bonus Stage where you can fill your Combo Gauge and get Coins.
    - New login event! Log in 14 days to get even more awesome rewards!
    - Mission notice function added so you'll immediately know when you've cleared a Mission.
    - When you fail a Stage, the final status of the various clear conditions will be displayed.

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