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Knights of Pen & Paper 2 2.5.81 Apk

660330 votes , 4.6 / 5
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The description of Knights of Pen & Paper 2 2.5.81 Apk

free direct download last version of Knights of Pen & Paper 2 apk for android from BirdDL. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a Role Playing for android.
The 10 floor dungeon features a campaign as a ghostly figure appears inside and revealing its mysteries. A boss fight of insane proportions awaits at the end. How long can you survive?

Prepare to join Knights of Pen & Paper 2 in a turn-based, retro style, pixel-art adventure full of danger, intrigue, and semi-appropriate cultural references!

Players portray both party and game master playing a tabletop RPG, and must assemble both their characters, and the challenges they will face.

"There's something genuinely pleasant about Knights of Pen and Paper 2, especially if you're a fan or tabletop role playing. It pokes fun, but it's always warm towards its subject matter.”- Pocket Gamer

"a great little RPG that presents excellent value for money with much to love.”- Continue Play

Great new things in Back To the Source!
• Psion and Druid: Two new character classes.
• Mega Dungeon: A 10-floor mega dungeon.Only the most tenacious of players can reach the final level, defeat the boss and solve its mystery.
• Expanded Skill Cap: As with the other expansions, the third expansion will increase skill maximums by 3 (from 15 to 18, 21 or 24, depending on how many expansions you own).
• New Enchantment Tier: final enchantment level of +5.

Main features:
• The ultimate retro role-playing simulation - again!
• Fully customizable party, from the players to the game room.
• Expanded equipment and crafting systems.
• All-new campaign featuring dozens of locations, sidequests, and dynamic dungeons.

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  • 2.5.81
  • August 17, 2017
  • v2.6
    -Delevel debuff removed
    -Fix for releveling characters who were deleveled by this bug.
    -Fixed Barbarian Rampage, Ninja's Black Arts and the Attack Beaver abilities not proc'ing their extra attack on Crit.
    -Fixed Arcane Flow spell damage not scaling properly at higher levels
    -Fixed Initiative order sometimes not being respected
    -Resolved Gamemaster battle problems, players should no longer be stuck if the GM summons minions after he is dead

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