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Divyam Part-1

Pictures of Divyam Part-1

The description of Divyam Part-1

Rachna Sagar introduces Augmented reality app with its text books.

This app is an enhanced interactive content beyond the book where teachers/students can get all chapter animations with one touch on their smart phones and tablets.


# Tap on download video button to open files chapter wise.

# Tap on chapter number button to download videos.

# After downloading chapter video tap on ( start the scan ) button to start scanning the first image of each chapter.

# The play button will appear on the screen.

# Point the camera to scan the targeted image to view the video on your mobile screen/tablets.

# Make sure that your hand (device) do not shake while scanning the image.

# Tap on the play button to start the video.

# Double tap on the camera screen to go to the setting option.


Sanskrit is the first complete, ancient and scientific language of the world. It is called Devvani (the language of God). Its literature is very vast, deep and useful for mankind.

Language is a living thing and is a medium in which we express our thoughts. Keeping this in view, the series Divyam Sanskrit Textbooks (Classes 5–8) has been prepared. The main aim of this series is to create a love and curiosity among the students to learn Sanskrit. This new edition has been prepared according to the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern and includes value-based questions.


• The themes have been chosen keeping in mind the mental level and age group of students.

• The combined form of textbook and workbook has been presented.

• To make the subject easy and informative, numerous coloured pictures have been provided.

• The knowledge of applied grammar of every lesson is given.

• The language has been developed by using different types of questions.

• With the help of texts in the form of play, story, essay, conversation, picture-story, the students are made
aware of moral education and culture and, at some places, items of grammar are explained.

• Sentences in the series are easy and short and the words of daily life have been used.

• By ‘VISHESH’ the grammar of the lesson is explained in easy language.

• ‘FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS’ are designed to make the learners creative.

• The effort has been made for emotional development through ‘SELF EVALUATION’ and ‘VALUE BASED

• Questions are designed in an interesting manner, which would help the learners in preparing for ‘SUMMATIVE

• The Appendix provides unseen passages, pictures, shabd roop and roots.

• The activities based on CBSE guidelines have also been included.

• The main feature of Divyam is the CD available with the books, which provides an opportunity to interact with
all the possible learning outcomes. The CD would inspire them for self-study which is the primary aim of this

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