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Bridge Scorer

Pictures of Bridge Scorer

The description of Bridge Scorer

An app for scoring whilst playing the Duplicate Bridge card game.
It can score either at-the-table, or after the event.

BridgeScorer can score a complete duplicate bridge session (from the travellers) producing results as web-pages for easy upload or e-mail.

BridgeScorer can also score at-the-table. Each table enters scores simultaneously as the boards are played.
Only one instance of the app is required, but you'll need (at least) a phone for every table.
If preferred, each pair can have their own phone (which they take with them as they move round the tables), and submit scores when they're sitting north-south.

The phones communicate over WiFi.
Only the phone running the app needs to be an Android device (phone or tablet), the others can be any feature phone or tablet with a Web-browser, even an iPhone.

In addition to duplicate, rubber and Chicago bridge can also be scored.

No computer (Windows, Mac or any other) is required.

See here for full on-line description and screen-shots:

BridgeScorer is a free download with no adverts.
Registering BridgeScorer (an in-app purchase) removes the restrictions that are applied to the free version.

The free version restrictions are:
1) Limit of four saved games.
2) Limit of four connected devices.
3) Sharing of games is prohibited.

BridgeScorer permissions.
BridgeScorer app requires some Android permissions, which are explained below.

BridgeScorer is a free download.
Some features are restricted (see above).
These restrictions can be removed by an in-app purchase (a one-off event).

Photos / Media / Files
BridgeScorer stores the details of its games in a directory com.pentad.bridge.
These are simple text files that you can examine if you wish.
No data is stored anywhere else on the device.

Wi-Fi connection information
BridgeScorer runs as a web service on the local Wifi.

Full network access.
BridgeScorer runs as a web service and needs this privilege to function.
It doesn't initiate any connections to other servers.
Clients use their web-browser to connect to BridgeScorer, the client initiates the connection.

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