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APK Creator 1.5 Apk

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The description of APK Creator 1.5 Apk

free direct download last version of APK Creator apk for android from BirdDL. APK Creator is a Tools for android.
With APK Creator, you can easily create your own android apps (we call it APK before installation) without any coding.
It can create 3 types of APK: Live Wallpaper, Picture & Gift.
Live wallpaper apk could be made by this tool, just fill the form and select a background picture.
Picture apk/app allow you to arrange your favorite pictures into an app. For example, if you visit a place, you take some pictures, and you can arrange those pictures into an app/apk by this tool to show that place.
Gift apk/app means the apk/app can be taken as a gift, such as Happy birthday, Happy Christmas, Happy new year, ...

How To Use:
• Prepare some pictures
• Select those pictures in 'APK Creator' following some guide
• Then 'APK Creator' will create an app/apk for you

Yes, without any coding to make an app/apk, try it!

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  • 1.5
  • April 25, 2016
  • V1.5:
    cover image support; more play options
    enhanced picture apk making (can view and delete picture)
    new picture template with more options
    2 signing key provided
    support select pictures from folder
    added package name config; bug fix for image crop
    Version 1.1.8:
    support background image customization for gift apk
    Version 1.1.6:
    support background music customization for gift apk (Could make Christmas gift now)

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